Binaઆપણી સંસ્કૃતિ અને સાહિત્યનો પ્રચાર થતો રહે એવી આશા સાથે તથા ગુજરાતી સાહિત્ય અને કવિતા નો શોખ મારામા જીવન્ત રાખવાના ઈરાદા થી આ બ્લોગ શરુ કર્યો છે.


    BinaTo food... flavor is everything... and there is nothing to beat the ethnic flavor at The Indian Harvest. The demand of ethnic, exotic food, ambiance & an unusual dining experience in a fine dining gave birth to The Indian Harvest Restaurant. The restaurant offers a unique Indian dining experience, with quality food, cleanliness, friendly atmosphere & authentic cuisine to its guests. Our food captures the true essence of Indian gastronomical tradition. The home cooking of India is a feast of vibrant and varied flavors developed over centuries. Welcome aboard and enjoy the voyage. Our restaurant provides off premises catering, small private and business parties, bridal & baby showers, wine dinners & birthday parties. Please call for more information.


      BinaHello My name is Bina.